We were engaged on September 22, 2008 while walking along the Seine River in Paris France.  We had just finished having Fondu and wine and were walking to the Eiffel Tower when Kenny proposed!   
Our Life Together
We met while working on a shoot together in the New York office of nutritionist Oz Garcia in 2006.     A quick handshake and hello led to an immediate conversation about rock n' roll (we could sense we were both rockers).  Kenny talked about drumming, Laura talked about being a former DJ, and the spark grew from there.    Our first date actually didn't take place for over a year, which was a double date with best man Allan Ahearn at a BBQ place in NYC.   We decided to go to Mexico for our second date on the wonderful invitation of our friends Randy and Sue, which is where we fell in love, and have been together ever since.   
Our Engagement